Monday, November 05, 2007

More than Discipline

Been feeling great these few weeks. Its not my holidays, its not bcuz I gotten rich or have a fulfilling relationship, its not even Sky sleeping more than usual.

Waking up each morning to train before/after going to school, ironically for doing sumti so painful and tedious (compare to sleeping) I am looking forward to it. Its not just training, but school, frens, team, my balance in life.

Been disicplining in the morning speaking in tongues, telling him, Lord I really REALLY cannot do this each day without U. Which is a fact. Studies etc? Life? Prep an Ironman? Its tough no joke. Ironman; Entertaining these images very often these days. Its huge its not just any other. Its THE race for me, my race marked out. I need HIM I cannot emphasise more on that (tried checking the thesaurus)

That's my wisdom everyday, Needing HIM... What about u?


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