Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I think I look like that. Haha Everybody like to play around with my age so much, no idea why. Hahaha I have consolidated a number of crazy responses by people who ask about my age so far.

It gets worse and worse everytime.

"You Don't look your age"
"You look mature" Emphasising the word "LOOK"
"Wa SIao!"
"Finish NS?"
"U look 21?"
"Which Uni you From?"
"So Sky where are u working?"
"You look like a engineering lecturer"
"Sky You Married?" I Have no idea where that came from
"You look like you already have kids"

Golden Star
While buying Loreal facial wash, I was haneded Anti-Aging Cream. Gt so depressed hahaha.

Yet sometimes like today, people think i'm a primary school kid. I really wonder do I look so old or young?


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