Monday, May 21, 2007

Further Break me Lord

u Lord Shatter my heart, Break my Spirit, Drain my strength, Drench my joy, Weaken my body.
In the end, I am yours to be that blessing to others.

Every Sunday has been with tears, feeling horrible...But really sense GOD doing his works in me. And after Pastor preached, i felt affirmed but yet unwilling at the same time.

It showed not only where am I in life, but how strong my heart truly is for Christ. I believe I have to make my choice whether I allow GOD to use me

Lord I wanna be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Like muscles to b torn to be stronger. Lord let it happen more in my life

O anyway very encouraged by sis did her 1st half marathon, my goodness 1 hr 51mins! Fast man...see her blog in my link and be inspired as she run her own race/life for Christ

Events to bless
Oakley Dualthlon done
Organising TYA BBQ done
Bintan Triathlon
Global Day of Prayer
Triathlon Clinic
Network Camp
Lifeguard Exam
School Exam
YA Volunteer Retreat
YA Sports Day


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