Sunday, May 06, 2007

Better Man

Today the triathletes gang talking about Ironman than Pastor said JOKINGLY this today, "Do not be Ironman but a better Man."

Its so true but of coz I aim to be both, I really have to work myself to be a stronger, more mature and better man of Christ. Being strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Josh said this, To beat and train your body than to be strong. Its the same as my other aspects of my life like spiritual and emotional, struggles will come. The choice is...Do I choose to grow and nuture? or give in and wept in sorrow and self-pity?

Lord u know my answer, I just need you to strengthen me, and thats my prayer to u everyday. After today sermon, We know
prayers makes more than a difference or impact. It changes!

Got a few photos super retarded and funny Enjoy. Must see the one below! Super Funny its about the movie "300" but Mario form


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