Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Out of Everyti

Confession: Lately I have not been able to share the gospel with people recently. So ashamed that busy and weak was my excuse for God.

Training was pretty hard today. 1.5km swim and a 18km run avg speed 15km/hr that's pretty taxing mind you. Lol I was keeping quiet during the run due to conserving energy and not a very talkative mood.

My teammates President and Captain, asked me "Hey Sky talk leh, tell me about Christ." This is very uncommon because all they ask me is girls, races and lame rubbish! When I heard it, shame covered my heart.

I should be the one talking about it without prompting. I shared the gospel and why I believe it. Loads of questions were asked and why I serve kids, why I do so much, why do I wanna be the youngest Ironman?

And the thing is... after that in bus a Dragon boater ask these questions too and the same answer came out.

Sky said: For Christ !

Out of all my "business" out of Everything I thank GOD for the opportunity to do his work. I was very ashamed but My Lord brought it to me...While I did not Go...it shows

HE intervenes and HE knows and HE loves Thank u


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