Sunday, February 04, 2007


All RIGHT! Thank GOD for the Bike. 70.3 Ironman here I come

Today, when reading through the chapter, what caught me was the word "Israel". Did u know Israel literally meant Struggle with GOD? I love to call myself that

I asked myself today, all my and others struggles why do I take it? Will I let GO? Is it for GOD? Because my heart cares?

The Holy Spirit really convicted me, am I willing to do it? Sometimes its harder that it seems, because fear is in me

I fear for that person to break down, to commit suicide, to meet roads end. I fear GOD won't answer, I fear I won't have victory, I fear that I simply don't believe

But that's why I grow everyday. I fight myself everyday, my flesh my fears my doubts my desires even. I learn to struggle with GOD (Israel) everyday. I learn its beyond us. I need GOD to break me. I need to surrender for my Victory.

Lord, I place myself today, leaving everything in your hands. I able to do nothing, able to speak nothing, AM NOTHIN without YOU. Break me LORD, because I know every struggle I grow, I am able to turn to you, to grow with you. Like muscles, when tore and heal again it be stronger. So will I be for you Lord Jesus. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen

Lastly, I want to thank GOD for the NP Biathlon, it was basically a National event. It was really a breakthrough for me, as this event is a new thing. We had a lot of mishaps, mistakes and snags, and even our sponsors were difficult to get. But GOD really left the best for me, and it was Powerbar, I mean WHOA Powerbar only sponsored 1 Race every year and that's Standard Chartered Marathon but GOD really bless us with favor. The energy, response and good comments were high. Glory to HIM alone.


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