Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I choose to fight for the Lord
I choose to be used by Him
I choose to deny myself
I choose to be a servant
I choose to conform the likeness of Christ
Finally I chose to love HIM

Christ choose to die for me
Christ choose to heal me
Christ choose to bless me
Christ choose to suffer and take all my pain, worries, oppression, poverty
Christ choose to save me
Finally HE chose to love me

I thank GOD. My relationship with HIM is not 1 sided, its personal.
Shamefully the choices I make and do always been unwilling
Shamefully my belief in his promises and blessings shakes
I felt shameful that till now, my faith in the Cross, His Grace, His Mercy and His Love is still weak.

Somehow I know I am growing... Refining, moulding, building me through the path set for me. I may dislike it, but I choose to Move in it.
Make a choice to believe


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