Saturday, July 04, 2009


Just because we do not feel loved, or we do not feel that He's with us doesn't mean its true.  As humans we enjoy Feelings. The sorrow, the pain, the joy and the laughter, its what makes us the image of God, its what makes us more than rocks and pebbles.

But the danger is this, which a lot of us stumble upon. Is when we based our logic, knowledge and perspectives on something so inconsistent like feelings. Example, I may not feel loved does that mean I am not loved? No... God's word is still true He love u so much he gave his one and only son. Our faith can be so established because its on something so consistent and secure like His word or His love or His faith for us.

Which brings me to the next point. The difference of being "in love" and "to love". I remember in my secondary school days a lot of my friends would question us guys why after courting the girl, the passion or zeal to be with her or do things for her dwindles. The answer is because Being "IN Love" is a FEELING. It is a noble and beautiful feeling, it moves from just friendship to courtship, the heart racing, the blushing, its the explosion that starts it.  But as glorious as it is, its still a feeling. Now ceasing being "in love" does not mean ceasing "to love". To love moves from just feelings to things that LASTS that are ETERNAL like commitment, principles, character-development and more importantly towards the purpose that God has intended for both of u. 

Our morals, virtues, faith can only be established if you based it on something established. So what are u based on?


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