Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been working in Deloittes and Touche (accounting firm) for a few weeks now. And even I have no passion in business but corporations in CPD interest me. I am committed to its success in this time I'm there and to the revival of the business sector. In this crucial transitional time, let each step be purposeful, each prayer be like seeds scattered and each good deed go unnoticed. This 4 months will be important for the long road ahead, army, studies and a dream so big only He can impart.

I'm excited, excited that I'm about to be slingshot 
into another important season. Asking for bigger dreams, breaking down strongholds and more importantly Growing UP. 
Greater challenges, hard-pressed struggles and miraculous breakthroughs. Can I be more excited of what's ahead of me? As I lay down my desires and plans on His feet, discussing it through, sharing my heartbeat with Him and Him with me. I do not have the whole picture but I have the piece-maker, and I am ecstatic in what He is and will be doing through, in and with my life. So... What do you see me doing  in 6 years?


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