Sunday, April 27, 2008


I define Grace as undeserved works but selflessly given. When you think of Grace, what goes through your mind.

My baptism was on Friday night, it was not a Mount Sinai Experience but it was something that was better, experiencing Grace in 3 forms.

My Lord Jesus Christ (No need me to further explain)
As he died for my sins, resurrected, brought victory, love and light into my life. He was the ultimate form of Grace, he died so I could call my Heavenly Father "Father" and HE to call me Son.

My Family
My parents taught me something more than good Morales and being righteousness. I was once a "screwed up" kid, my siblings could testify that about that themselves as well. But as my sis wrote this as well, my parents exemplify the meaning of the word GRACE. They love me, when there was absolutely nothing to love about. My parents being Buddhist aggressively persecuted us being Christians, disowning us as children (Vaguely remembering Mummy with a Chopper)When I came down from the pool, their smiles was all I saw.

My Friends
So much cards, gifts and blessings, it leaves me speechless but to say thank u. Its really so undeserving for me to have such friends. So undeserving to have such love from them. Really Thanks.


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