Sunday, January 07, 2007

Year of Victory

2007 is here, our year of victory in everything we do. At first, I was looking forward and being optimistic about 2007. The new goals, my growth in all aspects, new challenges. Hmm but

Being stretch thin physically emotionally mentally, disappointed that I fail 1 of my core module especially when I thought I put in enough effort and confident in passing, still so tired.

While my 2007 didn't seem to start well, and honestly I was doubting GOD. What victory? What rubbish? And I did wanted to blame GOD but just nice that day I was to read Job 1 and Man I was thinking GOD u got to b kidding with me.

It seems my year begin rockily, but I know I will FINISH WELL. I thank u Lord I am desperate, I do need u more than ever. I thank u Lord that I am gnashing my teeth to strive for U. I thank u Lord I can carry on pushing on even with discouragement everywhere

Life is never a struggle, if u believe in GOD's promises. I do not know how will this be for my good. But I do know GOD will never make my life miserable and a pain. Even so my life will be in a state of unbearable pain like Job.


Pictures for End of Year Party(Retro) and some of the designs by my brother Josh, please read it, its soo meaningful and done so well! So proud!


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