Sunday, October 22, 2006

Whats a Good Time/Place to be Ministered?

As every1 should know, anyplace anytime. Today, unaware what service would be like, while Praising him (As every1 knows praise songs r fast n happy) I cried endlessly while praising and worship.

I didn't reject it and let it come and be ministered at such a time, even when I was still jumping and singing, tears roll down. I felt there was no meaning, no obligation, no burdens but I had a great worship n praise session which how I love so much, Dancing for Christ.

Back to School, quite grateful? That I have more responsibilities from the TriElites. That I have to organize National Biathlon for NP and all that. Been able to adapt, thank GOD. But Prayerlife and Quiet Time slipping (do not feel so Spirit Packed/Anointed as before). Pray that I will keep Christ 1st always n forever.

O and yesterday just went out ice-skating, I blade some times but never ice-skate before it was good, thought I would fall but didn't until the last 5 mins of it then I fell. Thanks to Isabel ^^! After that went to eat, talk alot. Our topics so irrelevent. From studies, somehow it can drift to Leg Hair? Haha. Then went swimming with Junming Xiao wen then together we go Amanda place where Jocelyn, Sylvia, Ming still playing mahjong yap yap.

Lead the LivingStones people out for a run quite a big turn up, thank GOD for it and the haze. Appreciate they manage to spend time to run as a family even with their exams whatsoever. No reasons to run maybe for some but just to be there.

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Angelia: How u Been? Doing good?

James 1:4
Perserverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything


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