Tuesday, October 24, 2006


2006 is ending, soon to review myself and set for next year. Whether I have grown from all the challenges this year. Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual. Today's, training manage to encourage abit my team-mates, and able to share what I do in church. Really lead me thinking how to I conquer a new year, a new goal, a new challenge.

I look at myself now, sighing but believing I am growing in all aspects.

A Phase of my Life (Phase 1)
Looking back my shallow past
Living life from dawn to dusk
Nothing but sorrow n despair
Nothing to gain from 1's care

How I wish those were the days
Being more than jars of clay
Was living life carelessly
While receiving pain endlessly

Now I am more then Me
I have Christ to please
For him I will always come short
But how he loves, to erase my flaws and fault

Forgive me, but I beg yr restoration in me.

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