Friday, October 27, 2006

Till Further Notice

Long week a lot of things happening haha won't go into detail but some heads up are

1. Singapore Johor 2nd Link Run I am confirm going already, School sending team, doing 13-18 Competitive section.

2. NP Biathlons/Aquathon organizing in progress, all secondary and tietary schools been coming to NP to race. (I am 1 of the officials weee! Slack)

3. Ngee Ann POLYMPICS (Cheesy name) its like Olympics in Ngee ann poly. I maybe doing Swimming and Track n Field. Racing against all divisions in School. C how My Captain want to place me

4. Thank GOD for all the peaceful sleep I can have once I am home.

5. Unofficial Announcement, will say when its time ^^

Tomorrow be having a long day, let GOD bless the meeting, YA and my training for tomorrow. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

P.S All my tags I will reply on post to aviod flooding, and to allow it to have people to read my posts LOL


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