Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Race for Pride? Race to Inspire? How do u separate this 2?

Today training was quite hard, my hand shivered unable to support the weight any longer, still going for a long run and sprint race. TriElites is a very competitive thing, as these people will always try to be the best. So do I, but what makes a difference is Who I Run for and Why I run?

They race to b the best, I want 2 race to inspire. But I sometimes I forget why I race and I race all out just to beat that person, that's pride and Pride contradicts Inspire. How can u inspire someone while u r not good? Inspire to be hardworking, maybe. But today it was different, I could inspire to teach and yet be good and still win. In Short as a Coach. But won''t people be better than u if u teach them how to race? Yea there maybe a chance, but this is to bless them.

Got home shagged and tired, just know about Yenn's Cut, quite disappointed with myself and when I got home Mom wanted be to "counsel" this girl which was like totally out of the blue. I will see how it goes. Sylvia asked me quite a valid question, Why am I always burden and tired. Actually I have nothing to say, or too much to say. Pray I sleep well tonight and ready for tommorrow again.

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To Passerby haha I c
To Cheris Amen
To Zhi haha of coz, anyway I won't be racing for Coporate Tria nymore. If I race I be disqualified because I am a student racing for Ngee Ann Poly and its meant for Business ppl
To Del Relax haha it will end soon
To Flavian haha is it? Still ok la...


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