Sunday, October 15, 2006


Surrender all to Christ, such a simple phrase and command but it can impact my life forever. Haha sometimes I find my mentality laughable. I burden Christ too much until that I use my own strength to solve what my problems, worries and burdens. But I will always come back short and fail.

that's why Christ death n rise is so great. That's why hes irreplaceable. That's why his love means more than all the treasures of the earth.

I am not Christ although I try to be like him. I let go all onto the foot of the Cross, and live my life pleasing HIM in every way, to honor Him, to place Him 1st. That's the dream I place in my heart for my GOD.

Today service was good as usual, learning something new but doing n obeying it is much better. Followed by a run with the network, quite low n short but there b more to come nx week.

Rupture - Christians taken up when the end days come
Tribulation - 3 and a half years of apparent peace. Followed by 3 and a half years of suffering, pain, violence. It will be Satan rule, Hell on Earth. Would non believers be saved then? Yes but difficult.

I fear for them to know what they will go thru if they do not listen and believe

-.- look at the face! I juz love using it too -.-


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