Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Experience It Real

Experience It Real

It has struck me, long time ago that the question place into my heart was, Why do I Race? How I miss racing and hardcore training oya and relaxing. Why? Its so tiring am I nuts? I thought I dislike running etc? Maybe a little but the truth of something burning in me blazes.

Factors that why I continue or miss racing/training

1. For my LORD
2. I miss the time when I preservers with the training to earn the fruits of labor,
3. Preservarance builds Character brings Hope installs Faith
(Romans 5:3)
4. I experience GOD real when I am training/racing when I am tired or burdened
5. When I train or race my focus is forward, nothing else, nothing I should be thinkin or worrying, until reality comes back ^^
6. Strive to able to inspire people around me for GOD
7. I wont lie I do not think its passion, I think its a Plan for mi to nuture/grow
8. Make me depend and have more faith on my Lord

Although I have been training 2 times a week still, but normally I would do 3 - 4 times. Coporate Tri is coming, new goal is set, a new dream, a new race to conquer and it will begin this Sunday!


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