Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kept Myself Strong 4 u

1stly I want to pray tt may My GOD with his everlasting grace forgive me, although with my obedience and the time I spend with yr Word. I did not engage myself with you for a very long time. I did not sit down and seek u, ask u or even tell u how much u mean to Me. All I did was to pray pray pray ask from u blessings upon of yr other children but these prayers has lacked the gusto and Spirit which u so required.

Things have been very hectic, haha could not sit down with a coffee and just read for a very long time, theres always something in my mind to worry to pray to think, or something that I need to do. My training has taken to another level, the School is subsidizing at least half for my future Triathlons and Endurance Races. If I bring back something I get subsidies full, something to thank GOD and able to glorify him so GREATLY about. But behind this blessing is like a double-edged sword if I do not balance well. Furthermore, work would be an issue soon. For my ministries Lord forgive me that I have not been doin your work for some time.

My body is being pushed again and again everyday, I could discipline it to be strong, but my mind and my spirit is tiring out wearing out. Everyday a lot of expectations criterias r expected from me whether physically, socially or spiritually. My friends have been left a side for some time, community has been equally important to me as my life but I have not been able to talk jokingly or heart to heart matters, go out with them for some time.

Worse yet, the things I do like my races, I don't really like them, I do it because I can is this Passion? Or a Gift? Or just Me being disciplined? Or for GOD? Lord help me, so weak and fragile like clay. We are only human yet I try to do things that I noe only you can do. Lord forgive me, help me and make me strong and wise. I have always put Christ as someone I wanna be someone whom I look up to but such an impossible dream but that desire has been in me, that's why I do fail in expectations of myself. Lord I do not know what to ask, but Let me seek u in everything I do. But I praise u my mightly Father that I am in suffer with all these challenges in my life bcuz u bring mi hope and yr love!

Romans 5:3-5
Not Only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perserverance; Perserverance, character; and character; Hope. And Hope does not disappoint us, because GOD has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

Lord mak mi suffer more for u
29 out of 231 Thank my LOrd for nt only strength bt the presence and experience


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