Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Fight In Tears

.....Today, I really wanted to spend time by myself today. Through out the worship, sermon and closing I could not stop weeping. Never stop praying, never stop reading his Word, but yet I feel my fight is really...Painful...

My fight for others believing for breakthroughs, my fight for other people's pain and suffering, my fight against myself denying myself that I don't even know what I want anymore, my fight to believe in HIS promises, my fight in my struggles.

Crying today was...Not my solution but I really needed to spend those minutes crying out to GOD. The closing song, "God is my strength, my shelter, my shield etc etc" somehow I could not open my mouth to speak those words. Its really difficult, but all I could do was to raise my hands and wept.

Somehow I do not even know those tears are mine? Or is it I am crying for someone else? But you know its all the same...I felt GOD...

Pastor Doug is really a Man of GOD, even without floral language his testimonies is something we should challenge ourselves.

Lord...I choose to fight


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