Monday, June 26, 2006


Siansation... Not really driven to go to school, holiday was short I did enjoy it but I know I could have enjoyed more. Haha but I noe I will not live in my comfort zone and be more driven because I know I have a significance.

Miracle Weekend just passed, Hall 10 was filled with ppl. It really drives me to step up to invite more and invite again, to be intentional because GOD can really make it happen. I always pray he will touch the lives of ppl for the pre-believers thats when they will noe GOD is real thus they will take the step of faith to know our GOD.

Just read abit of John, even with the hectic schedule I still wan to make it a habit to read his Word and Pray/Tok to him more then a hour everyday. I feel its necessary because simply he is our Father. People always think it must b necessary to b holy to pray or it must b a religious process like fasting or meditating or solitude. I feel its not so... GOD wants a relationship with u, so when i talk to him it can b serious things like troubles? Or even to simplest things like Jokes? lol weird? Joking with GOD? I think I do tt everyday and sometimes its weird tt I laff for no reason lol people will think I am crazy... But I feel tts how I talk to GOD with a sense of humor in our conversation. Besides its always very meaningful and encouraging to know he's around merely by his presence.

Father Lord Heavenly Father, May u bless me, my spiritual brothers and sis and my spiritual grandfather/mother may u lay yr hand upon us and guard our hearts from sin and temptation. May u use us to enlarge yr Kingdom and by the blood of Jesus grant us authority over evil. Lord I oso pray for the people who r studying hard or stressing over studies/projects tt yr wisdom being upon them and grant them the strength to persevere thru these mountains... U r in control in our lives with just tt knowledge will Drive us thru obstacles. I oso pray for my Brother Josh tt he be healed in Jesus name! tt just reading yr word I believe in miracles will happen to him because yr words has the glory and power over the spirits... In the heavenly name of Jesus...Amen

John 3:31
"The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one with the earth."


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