Thursday, May 25, 2006

Begining of My Adventures

Quite suprised I would start a blog, I am nt those people who tend to write their thoughts and feelings although I like to write peoms and all that alot ^^. Haha been ecnouraged recently by alot of people to start a blog, haha and thank you Sylvia for checking lol although I nt sure did it get betta or worse actually lol *grins*

Anyway, Today is quite a short day quite grateful my lecturer cut short on her tutorial due to a quiz so I can come home and do sum quiet time... and of coz editting this blog haha look abit cheesy bt haha the Xiao Tian Kong so cute lo LOL ^^

Haha Back to the Topic, Todae I overslept on the bus again....... so i dropped at Eunos Interchange then took a long route back. Well sumti caught my attention was a couple holding hands warmly and how initimate they were. I felt that it sort of reminded mi back into my past that how much would I do just to get the love and touch frm someone else. That for the relationship i would place anything just for the person's hug or smile which i felt was more impt to me than anything else. But i was reminded of a command Matthew 22:37. I should nt have put anyone or anything in front of GOD... bcuz of what he already had done for us and for his priceless love. I feel for the past half a year i have been coping quite well and putting GOD 1st in everything i do... which i believe it will stay like this even thru eternity. Although it is fulfilling to have someone by yr it is rewarding and priceless to have Jesus love in mi... i pray that my luv for him will b constantly growing and my eyes will always be fixed upon him...In Jesus loving name I pray AMEN.

Matthew 22:37
Jesus replied:"Love your LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."


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