Monday, June 05, 2006

God's Day

Today was my first Post-Encounter, haha that's it I am addicted to it, quite fun and I get to learn so much. As 1 of my goals I feel its more than possible to complete SOL1 by this year... Or even SOL2 haha by faith ^^ After PE went to eat with Joyce, while Kenneth went to eat with Natalie .... KENNETH!!! *shakes head* haha jkjk. Received a call from Kenny asking for a replacement for the Hospitality Team so I went over to help...

Haha when i reached had to report to Him, and Ruth promising she will giv a loud 1... (crazy person) LOL! jkjk. Had to wear the yellow green vest with cap and umbrella... I realise we gt the same uniform as the cleaners :P! After that was Lord's Supper felt sorry had to stop all the late comers even there were 1st timers but... I feel if u really mean on Worshipping HIM u would giv yr all to make time ^^ Agree?

Pastor preached abt Stress which I highly feel is a gd topic for loads of people, bcuz every1 hav stress...and its thru GOD that how we wanna overcome it, by Accepting it, Believing HIM and giving yr life to HIM.

After that, the network guys and I went for a run! haha thanks for pam and the rest for being so sporty super appreciate it ^^. Was too shagged to go to Global Prayer abit disappointed but ^^ my Hunger for him will b quenched. Geard it was good and Packed Praise GOD ooo and finally I could catch up to my sleep... haha 7pm to 11am sleep 15 hrs :P dun b envious kenny

John 8:36
So if the SON sends you free, you are free indeed"

For my frens dun tik of Christianity is a bondage frm having fun that u do nt have true freedom, by truth i feel more free and happier than ever before ^^ sooo lets get to know the reason and person I luv so much


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