Sunday, June 18, 2006


These days been real tight for me so did not blog of recent happenings, been too much to recall so anyway today's Fathers Day I wish all fathers out there, frens and my own father tt they grow into a father with a teachable and listening heart and pray blessings be upon them. Had dinner with my family haha long time never have such an occasion. Saw Jenny at Odeon Tower, her Sis wedding was there so was quite surprised to c her.

Ok...Let mi c today I feel like writing about this because I feel 1stly it is more of an expression of my heart and on what I think. 2ndly haha Its been buggin mi a lot.
A question came to me since when I was young, nt sure whether is it GOD's speaking to me but the question was "What sort of Man I would like to become?" for my bros out there, have u ever sit down and think abt it?
I always wanna try to improve myself for being a
1. Charismatic
2. Socialable
3. Understanding
4. Caring
5. Sensible
6. Mature (haha nid to work on tt)
7. Sensitive to ppl's feelings
8. Influential
9. Provide sense of security
10. Humorous
12. GOD -loving and fearing. Spiritually mature oso

Y I state it out bcuz I am serious and real abt it. Out of all 12 the last 1 is the most impt, because when u fear GOD u will not sin, but when u love GOD u will tend to love others tts y both to mi is impt although both have different effects. Spiritually Mature...I leave GOD to judge mi on tt. I have been constantly challenging myself to b like tt until it has become a habit... Sum may say a bad habit like sending gers home...Ppl have been tokin to mi u shld only do tt to yr GF/wife. I feel ya... But to mi as long as I do it as a sense of security and right time and place I feel its all right... Furthermore all of the points I set for myself I feel I am far off from it especially the mature part lol I tend to get super playful at times. Furthermore, Been trained at Ritz-Carlton Hotel open the opportunities for mi to grow. Compulsory to socialise, to speak up and learn to give a warm ambience...In short B a Gentleman. It was very difficult for mi to do this bcuz in my early secondary daes i am a very anti-social rebellious person. Furthermore i am very self-condemning in the past always finding pleasure to criticising mysef.

I have been living to tt "code" for like since when I was super young...I am being told, reprimanded and trained to be 1. In truth, why bother to b those points I set for myself? Because I wan to be a right person For my frens, the mother of my kids and lastly to GOD. Jesus was a charismatic and basically everything that I listed on. Although I feel I am not a gd enuff person but I noe GOD still c mi as a worthy child even of all the flaws and past I have...

Proverbs 3:6

In all yr ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight
( I will let Him Direct my steps)

Sarah and i saw this Real-life Cinderella glass shoe...Guess the price? Its sooo chio... sumti cool for weddings dun u tik?


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