Sunday, June 11, 2006


Camp IS OVER! Haha abit disappointed that i stayed onli 1 day but it was super fun and great. For those in the committee thank u, we noe its been hard on u haha thank u for pressing on even with so many snags... Had a lot of fellowship and bonding never 1 min was not toking to some1. And definatly i know lots more ppl haha and its my 1st church Camp so lol looking forward for the next!

Even all of us were tired, many of us managed to go for SOL still so fervious for GOD and i pray we will kip loving him with all our heart

Hav u ever ask wats the reason u r here? Special Speaker John Dawson preached today, even with no points to specify giving a quite "chim" topic... but i managed to catch it. R u Significant in GOD's eyes the ans is YES ^^ we r all here for a reason and we shall kip living to find tt reason and of coz the main reason for my spiritual bros and sis i feel that our significance in living is Jesus.

Lord i pray that u would bless me and the pastors from FCBC and i pray that yr hand is upon us and expand the kidngom of my brothers sisters and myself and i pray that thru u we r ppl of significance thru u we will show ppl tt their significance is u Lord. And i pray all these is Jesus loving name AMEN

*the picture is abit blur but haha the hamster is praying so CUTE!!!*
It says
"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer"

Matthew 21:22


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