Wednesday, October 08, 2008

One More Time

If I was to define perseverance in 3 words it would be "one more time." Giving grace one more time, encouraging one more soul, loving through one more struggle, giving grace to once more for this sinner.

Have been praying, contemplating about this for a long time, and I challenging both Langkawi Ironman and myself one more time. So much unanswered questions, is this still my journey to take? Will I succeed this time? Will this bring me closer to his heart? I feel a need to go back as there is a persistent nudging and desire in my heart to do it again.

Am I scared? Tired? Discouraged? Omg u bet! But how can you see the sunset and rainbows when you are always looking down? Its about changing your focus to Him. Haha pray for me :) I realise last year its so difficult and it really cant be a personal journey. It has to involve people around me. Its time... for moulding of an Ironman


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