Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gearing Up

With the sight of Singapore 70.3 Aviva Half Ironman as my focus for this month, its been a fearful experience. Never has there been 1 day that I never tot of the journey I went thru last year. Now once again, tested, sharpen, pruned. To glorify the gift & passion Giver by being faithful with the gifts & passion he has given me. This is worship.

Anyway 2 videos I really love to share, I highly encourage u to watch it, both has brought me such joy in 2 different ways!

Why do I have a feeling my son be something like that

One of my inspirations, he really understand what and why hes doing it, which most of us christians are guilty that we do not. He knows truely how to glorify God. He also pursues God not because of the gifts he give, or what he can do for you, but just HIM. Theres a difference in pursuing His presence and not his presents and it can be seen by the people around u.


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