Monday, August 11, 2008


We know the feeling. We stood where Noah stood. We know our own share of floods. Flooded by sorrow of a loved one, stress at office, anger at your incompetence. We seen the floodwater rise, and we have seen the sun set on our hopes as well. We are on Noah's boat.

The beautiful thing at this moment was this, at the horizon he saw a dove returning a olive leaf. This leaf was more than foliage it is a promise that still exists this day. Don't u need a leaf today? A leaf that brings hope delivered by a dove so heavenly his name brings awe to my lips.

Leaves for happiness, strength, intervention. Our bible is full of these olives leaves.
And in the midst of your floods, with all due respect, the most severest floods whether its yours or others, in God's view is nothing but a puddle. He is not confounded, confused and discouraged.

So receive that leaf, because we need it. Receive it so we can SHARE it. What a difference one leaf can make.

As for Noah...he went up the ladder with questions, after receiving the leaf, he came down the ladder with new confidence.


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