Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This week, I asked the Holy Spirit something interesting. Holy Spirit, teach me why are we called sheep and Christ the shepherd? Why aren't we chickens, doves or even pigs which I can relate sometimes.
Soon I realise, sheep are not just dumb animals, but timid, easily led and stubborn creatures. With the help of wikipedia I managed to find some traits that we as humans can really relate. Ok I'm not belittling anyone but honestly I relate to what I'm writing

1) Sheep have good hearing, and are sensitive to the noise when being handled.
Aren't we the same? Sheep's noise perhaps is just noise. But for us aren't our noise sound like this "Sky, u cant make it" "Sky, you are weak" "How can u raise your hands of what u done yesterday" We let discouragements resounds in our hearts? We allow voices of the world to sway our thinking? We sensitise ourselves with these, that we live life in a mess and a struggle. And by his word we can break free
Isaiah 58 And untie the cords of the yoke to set the oppressed FREE and BREAk every yoke

2) In panic when sheep are stressed
Ask a shepherd, chasing a sheep is worse than chasing a sprinter. Its extremely difficult and make shepherding an extremely difficult endeavour. Aren't we the same? When storms come we panic, we frustrate ourselves on finding solutions. We complain with things like this "Unable to see God, unable to finish the project, unable to be in a healthy relationship, unable to get what we desire?" We complain, we rant, we worry. As long as we worry we have already sinned, as the word says
1 Peter Cast ALLL!!!!!!! Anxiety on him because he cares for you.
Complaining is never the issue, staying there is. Lets take it 1 step further like David and take EACH worry into prayer into praise into reaffirmation with HIS promises
If you notice only Israel in all the ancient world believe that our Great God who made the heavens and the earth cares that we are in pain and he can be expected to do something about it. Look at the psalms most of it are laments or complaints. This is what makes these prayers so powerful.

3) Sheep need oil
Oil were used by shepherds act as a repellent to keep the flies away from their noses and the flock at peace. Without it, with the flies eggs in thier noses,sheep will beat their heads against tress, rocks etc. They run, hide, forget to eat, aren't able to sleep, ewes stop milking and lambs stop growing.
Oil were also used to treat wounds, sheep get hurt due to thorns etc. Thus shepherds daily inspects the sheep to spot the wounds. Or these wounds would cause infection and flock to being disarray
Aren't we the same? Our flies are sins, challenges, pride, hurts and worries? Causing us to flee, hide, starve ourselves, aren't able to sleep?
Aren't we all wounded people? Not by thorns but by disappointment, illness, lost, injustice, hurts. We get wounded but what did Jesus said?
John 10 I am the good Shepherd who gives his life for the sheep.

His love is the oil that heals us, that gives us peace, drives us forward, HIS LOVE ultimately enables us to love others. We can only love because HE first loved us

Aren't we all like sheep? Stubborn, easily led and needing a good shepherd.
Psalm 100:3 We BELONG to him we ARE his people, the sheep he tends
If you realise its present tense, its still alive and real today. Won't you break free ladies and gentleman. Lord, Im your sheep stubborn and timid, choosing to follow you.


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