Sunday, May 11, 2008

Learning Loads

I have just shifted from a season of recovery to a whole new season. You know like going back to school, projects, training and driving. Back to my endeavours! Weeee

Tommy Tenny was here in Singapore, had the privilege to sit through his conference and sermon. It really kept me thinking, I really thank God for such great insightful people. Loads of take home messages I will try to process through 1 by 1.

Sometime ago, I will consider the glory of God is base on how great my endeavours are. I hear people praying reminding me I'm doing it for His Glory. But than again like Pastor Tommy said,u really want to see the glory of God? Well u will die than. Explaining with the tabernacle and the veil explaining how God protecting us.
It kept me thinking, could the glory of God be varied in different people Christian walk? But yet still pointing to the greatness of God, reflecting in his goodness? Was sharing with Josh, and learnt its lesser of the WHAT and more of the HOW.

Next was sharing about Esther,I thought it was really deep. In this book if u realise God was never mentioned at all in this book. But yet there r so much lessons to learn, nurture and apply. Pastor Tommy said a lot of key points but for me it was this. That we shall not prostitute King's favour but something lower, and worship controls my destiny. Worship shows where my heart lies. Worship whether in works or words, its my purpose.

Josh reminded me favour goes beyond just earning it for yourself. Esther had favour from the Xerxes so in the end she became Queen than she saved a nation. Favour is to be used for OTHERS.

I pray we will not just take this to our mind but to our hearts and actions. Whats the use of sitting in that Hall and not applying his truth, the insights and obeying the counsel of the Holy Spirit? Isn't that worship?


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