Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Company of the Year Well Maybe...

I seldom take pride of my endeavours, but this really gave me a sense of fulfillment and encouragement.

Evention International
CEO Sky Kwah
Vice President Kang Lun
Board of Directors Daryl and Kang Fei

In the world we live in inventions are being made daily; most inventions are based and started on processes or ideas.

In Evention International we believe the events we manage are always bringing life to an idea whether big, small, rational or irrational. Always seeing new possibly, constantly challenging oneself, raising new questions and asking less of the WHY and more of the WHY NOT? Every of our employee believes in innovation and discovery, steadfast to our vision, seeing no limit to ideas.

Our Vision: “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” By Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize 1937

Our Motto: Envision, Imagination and Invention shows the limitless potential in each and every one of our employees. Like a life it requires pruning, cultivation and growth. For us who dares to dream, but we do not just stop there, we implement, apply and utilize our ideas truly giving them life.


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