Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boon Keong's Last Goodbye

It was a hard wake up call for many as it was how they should live life to the fullest. For me, it was could I tell my Lord am I really finishing well? Seeing his face lik that it was saddening. The make up was so thick, I presume it was to cover his wounds.

Knowing him since Maha Bodhi to Macpherson days. There was an unsaid competitiveness between us in our runs perharps even bball. We always recall him smiling, never frowns, never angry. He was a man of influence, counsellor, and a friend to many.

Im so honoured by his family, the grief they felt and yet being so sensitive, excusing me not taking the incense but out of respect I decided to bow. He did it with the best smile he could muster and said "Its Ok" it broke my heart.

Lord, may peace reign in his family, let not grief overtake them but that comfort that transcends all understanding. Lord its a wrong time to ask why, Im here to pray, bless and trust. In the end...its not Why...its Why Not?

Poly student dies after his motorcycle crashes on SLE

A FINAL-YEAR manufacturing engineering student from Nanyang Polytechnic died after his motorcycle skidded and crashed along Seletar Expressway on Tuesday morning at about 2.10am.

Toh Boon Keong, 19, was on his way home after dropping his girlfriend at her place in Aljunied.

He was travelling along Seletar Expressway when his motorcycle skidded and hit the central divider before landing on the centre lane.

Mr Toh sustained serious head and body injuries and was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3.20am.

The last time his mother, Madam Yee Lee Cher spoke to him was on Monday night at 8pm. She had asked him if he would be turning up for a family dinner.

But Mr Toh, who worked as a part-time cinema service crew member said he could not make it as he ended work only at 10 pm.

Madam Yee, 50, remembers her youngest of three children as a lively and filial child.

'He said he would take care of me when I am old, but now he has left me behind,' she said in tears.


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