Monday, March 31, 2008


Have been on a rampage catching up on my books these days, as if I'm on a reading timetable. 2 books really caught my heart. Facing your Giants and The Life you've always wanted. Reading these books does not only share insights but it sparks a daily transformation in my life and even having a deeper understanding of our Heavenly Father.

Encouraging lines
Write today's worries in sand.
Chisel yesterday's victories in stone.

"God saw in David what no one else say. That's a God-seeking Heart"

"Focus on Giants you stumble, Focus on God your giants tumble"

Have not really finish reading this book but something that caught me today was this.

"the Human race is not just one universal disappointment, but one inextinguishable hope."
And I always remember this, theres a time to pray for miracles and theres a time to be one.

Something exciting to mention is that. After much thought, prayers etc, I decided to once again race this Sep and have selected the 70.3 Singapore Ironman as my main race for this end season. To recover from devastation and to once again put on my running shoes and my amazing tights heez, I didn't expect it to be so difficult. But u know...through Triathlon it been inbuilt in me to prioritise, pursue and persist, not only spiritual sense. But it is a lifestyle.


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