Friday, March 14, 2008

YA Camp

Its abit difficult to process this as there are perhaps too many things that happen deserves processing. Every year YA camp lives up to its expectations of naughty kids, crazy happenings and a need of strength. But this year was abit different.

Was the Clan Head for Spartans, a great bunch of kids and counsellors we really bonded and serving each other. Even if it was raining practically through the whole camp, the clan really just enjoy themselves and learned new values.

But what was different for this camp than the rest was this 1 day. Being busy with the structured experience i was so tired, plus sharing my Ironman story in front of so many kids i was rekindled to be disappointed. So afraid to break down in front of 100+ kids. Furthermore on the briefing something devastating happened that devastated the leaders and pastor. Its been a long time since i see him so broken. To protect the identity of the child, I will not say much. But my heart shattered as i remember that these kids really needs love and compassion.
God really is good and great, few things have been pointed out when I just spend time with HIM. What is a warrior poet like? To me what is failure? To me what is strong? How is my relationship with God like? And my assurance for this month is this.Sometimes he does not calm my storms but he stills the heart of the sailor.


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