Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Warrior Poet

Have been reading alot these past few weeks, each book brought new discovery and work in my life. For this week this book talks about deep within the rugged soul of every young man there is a warrior in search of his sword and a poet in search of his pen. This author challenges to forsake modern male mediocrity for Christ-built, warrior poet manhood -- manhood that change history, capture the hearts of people and his future wife, Manhood that protects the broken and serve the Lord.

Forging the Warrior (Picture courtesy of Heroes V a childhood game which made me admire angels more)

Question I have been asking myself what are the things worth protecting? Spiritual warfare is real, what are the minor to major things that deserves to be on guard as we wage war?
A few came to my heart,

1) My covenant with my Lord - Living a holy life, obeying, serving Him
2) My covenant with my future wife - Being single, guarding my heart, mind and eyes. Guarding even my line of boundary and hers. Defending her innocence, purity and heart.
3) The Broken, poor and small - When was the last time you actually served the broken excluding YA of course. The person in your class with no friends? The teacher who's stressed? So many people we tend to missed.

The Devil drug, defile, delude and distract us with stuff that seems normal like work or the bar of morality, what are your weapons in your soul?

"Mud on a man's tires does not mean steel in the man's soul"

Shaping the Poet
May his tongue be his pen, while his life be his poem. Poets sing, writes and feel but what does it mean to be a Christ-built poet. Poets pursuits tenderness, emotions, intimacy, to be trained to be in sync not only others, your own but also with Christ's emotions. Poets listens while they write, to be tender while they listen, to be thoughtful and wise while they grow. As Men we neglect the fact of being tender, to be a listener thus making it so important.

To study, obey and follow our King, Cultivating HIS life within us. Let this be like a resounding echo in my heart.


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