Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm not GODLY. Im just loving my GOD

Recently, of what happened. Was saddened alot, really really felt needed to be alone. After a long time, talking to Josh really was awesome. Learn alot, encouraged, sharpened and knowing more of the heartbeat of GOD. No wonder hes my leader.

Anyway this article by my Friend I read(I'm not being boastful here, but reading it really made me wept. It encourages me in my marketplace, seeing fruit.)

*He came back to Christ by the way due to 100k*

"Next, Sky the proffesional ironman who train almost everyday i presume. He has a target and that is to be the youngest ironman in Singapore. An ironman race consist of a 3.8km swim, 180 km bike and a full 42.195km run. From the way he is going, I'm sure he will accomplish his goals set and have his name in the record books somewhere. He is a man of GOD and maybe that is why he is so focus and dedicated to his goals as he fully has GOD blessings."

I'm not GODLY or dedicated or focus or good or strong or persevering or enduring or etc etc etc. I'm just loving my GOD


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