Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shape And Sharpen

Just finish Church Camp Gilgal and Camp Overcome (Tri and Track Bond Camp). Both camps I have been involved in the committee. It has really been GOD-Blessed strength to pull me through rather than my own.

Camp Gilgal have been really a place I have been ministered and to ministered. I really felt recharged and challenged to do more of Lord's work. Wanting to love more, Wanting to do more. I feel its time I set my path for a greater Victorous year.
After that was service which, something heartbreaking happen to my cell. In the end I really felt happy for him as he grew and been an inspiration to me.

Camp Overcome was a camp that I put my Spirit into palce as i blessed my team by helping and planning. Not only that my friend EeChuan and myself shared the gospel to both our teams! I feel I am sooo want and ready to do that 100K campaign

Lord I come before u with new conviction, to be stronger in Spirit and in Truth, To be that aroma that light that blessing to the people around me. Lord, I want to love more, Love u n Love your ppl more than before. My heart is small thats why Lord I need yours Lord Jesus ^^


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