Sunday, June 17, 2007

I want and WILL do more of your work

These 2 weeks I feel great, Busy but I feel sooo filled, blessed, strong, sharpened, focused and in sync with GOD's work. I feel spiritually strengthened should be the reason my life everything is working out.

O recently rmb TriElite was nominated to be the Most Outstanding Team. Lol WE got it. We are the Most Outstanding Sports Team in the whole campus getting the award soon. Thank GOD. I am not there for passion, achievement I am there for GOD's work. For the people under my sphere of influence to be blessed and saved. And of course to perform and strive for GOD in my sport ^^

ARGH I want to learn more, b wiser, b moree humbled,do more of GOD's work, to be stronger! Haha LORD BREAK MI, MOULD MI, MAKE MI! lol weee

Come before HIM with hearts renew
The GOD our Lord who cares for u
As we seek and pray
“My love always stays” He says


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