Sunday, October 18, 2009

Service Phase

Basil Pennington once said "When you throw a stone into a pond, the stone will create ripples that reach to the shore all around. But only when the pond is quiet and still, the arrival of the stone can be read over the entire surface. If the pond is not still, when the water is tossed and ruffled, the arrival of the stone will go undetected."

The pond being your life, the stones being the voice of God, his touch or miracles. Am i troubles by the waves of commotion, choppy from the turbulence of doing things. Have I LOST the tranquility due to busyness too little sleep that its hard to discern the pebble when it is being thrown.

My time in OCS has started, being demanding in its nature, being appointed as Platoon Commander during this time, my stillness has been tested. The hassle and brussel of things, the call to serve, the need of getting things done. With sleep being so precious, I still have to excel in all I do, keeping the standards of my platoon and myself, to give my all. Times are different I can no longer be at Starbucks spending hours seeking, hearing.

Even though my prayer and quiet time disicpline is still there, but theres little stillness, the ripples of life are still ruffling. The voice of God is silent, his touch seem so distant.

Stillness is sometimes not what I can do but the condition of my heart. At times I do not hear or feel him I have to ask myself. Am I still persevering in seeking him? Am I still focus on him and his kingdom EVEN when the waters are still tossing. Am I still able to hear him or have his attention?
Thus what would God do? God being who he is, waves doesn't stop him. He either throws a big mountain into the sea to get your attention or he simply calms the waves. That's the God I know. One whom comes at inconvenient times, who wants your attention, who loves u too much to leave u alone.

He has been so good to me, even when it seems I have no time to talk to him. He finds me and never let me go. And He reaffirms... Yr spirituality, worship and stillness will be in the midst of your actions and NOT in the little time I can give.

NOW MORE IMPORTANTLY CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful couple Joshua Kwah and Nirelle Kwah. :) Cant wait to see the new season they are going to have, the love they will give and the joy they will experience.


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