Saturday, August 08, 2009


When one describes wilderness what is it like? Trees? Boars? Annoying insects? Perharps but lets talk about something more through my outfield xperience.

If you do not know yet I am already botak and defending my country. It has been a month, adapting to the training, people and lifestyle. As said in my previous post, I am sure my time there is not just a time of counting the days but making the days count.

Outfield (basically a week in the jungle with missions and heavy training WITH NO BATHING FACILITIES ETC) as said by Josh is the crucible of every Recruit and I understand why. if one stress threshold isnt high, he may break emotionally and physically. Face always kissing the floor, rifles always on our ankles and our hands with blood. It's no suprise that I see people break. The wilderness of the heart, no control, no drive, hope.

My time in wild was not just one memorable but one that sharpens my senses, character and mindset. To always think of the welfare of the platoon but yet balancing out the necessary push that they need. Encouraging them through each trial but on the same time challenging them to do it right. The 4th day was truly the test for me as my worst was shown on that day, as fatigue and pain overtake me. I was quieter less joyful, unable to help my buddies when I could no get the job done well discourages me more. Wilderness has taken over my heart but at the same time a ray of light was shone. The best of me during that week was on that same day as well, as one of my section mate was down and in tears while high-kneeling, 2 buddies and myself supported him up TO stay in position as he was going down. This image was instill in my mind, this is how it should be like. This is what I am here to do. I was also reminded as water was little I offered all to my buddies, It was a symbollic and prophetic act that I am reminded once again I AM A THIRST QUENCHER.

The night was solemn as all were in tears reading the letters of our love ones. Missing home, having a new appreciation of our loved ones and the comfort we have. I really appreciate those people who wrote the letters as they empower me through the week. Update more soon. Sit Test This week :D


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