Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are situations or victories that encourages you in life, for me this week its been a whole list. Getting gold for IPPT, completing SOC in good time and alive, improving not just physically but being moulded in character. All I can only point back to God's greatness 
But the cream of the crop is this. Rallied the Christians and started a prayer group. Met more than 3 times this week not just to pray for ourselves but for God's purposes reveal to us, his presents to be given to us and his presence to be with us. A group of 6 being intentional to stand in the gap, to be the salt and light and to be the beacon of light, hope and love in a dry and difficult arena. How can I not give thanks? 

I remember to be a Thirst Quencher, a call is to create a culture of encouragement. Not jsut to encourage but TO BE encouraged. Lord U are Good.


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