Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The IM

I found out something ridiculously amazing yet cheesy. If some of u know the short form for Ironman is IM. I M....2 letters and many go through a painful yet fruitful journey. For this 2 letters many sacrifaced and poured thier time and spirit into this. I am no different.

But this simple and contrite heart have poured to a God in Exodus 3:14 says "God said to Moses, "I AM who I AM". Same letters of I M, sometimes I really feel that Christ is telling me I am THE I M. I am THE Ironman... He is... His heart of perseverance makes mine small.

As I ponder in 2 and a half months for the Ironman during the last stretch of the year. People ask me once again "Why do it? Such a painful thing?" I have many reasons to do it and sometimes it constantly change, to challenge oneself, to c how far I can go, to inspire, to grow more like Christ. But my heart remains and that this is my desire to Finish, to testify to glorify. I really call out to God. Lord really strengthened me to be strong and courageous. Mould me to be truly an Ironman not by title but by spirit. And I know thats why I have to go back there not just to finish. But to Finish well. To do the IMPOSSIBLE.

And Guess what. By taking out 2 letters it becomes possible. The same letters for the name of my God and the race I will finish.


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