Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Fishing

It's been a while since I wrote a something to process about. As it's been a new year, as final year project comes to an end, about to graduate, NS a new season round the corner. My thoughts are everywhere, and writing today's article somehow keeps me focus, to cultivate and process some insights. Let this be my prayer now as His word is like a solid rock, I will stand on it believing, trusting, whether I feel it or not. Word of God COME and fill my thoughts each day.

I cant help but read Peter, and appreciate how a Reed became a Pillar in God's kingdom. A man who can deny someone dear to him 3 times, a man who spout nonsense faster than he thinks. But yet this man was the only who walked on water, becoming a fisher of men, becoming a solid rock.

It is this very humanness that makes them so refreshing. That in life we all need that second chance. There was not much difference of the scenario of Judas and Peter. Both betrayed Christ, both were guilty. But one chose life and the another death.

As Christ was resurrected, Peter went back to his old ways. He went back to fishing. Isn't it the same for us? As we are guilty of our deeds, as we fail, as we get discouraged or heartbroken. We go back to fishing. We go back to a relationship that's not right, we go back to drinking, back to trusting on things that doesn't give us true security. We go back to old ways.

Peter and we could not have felt lower than a snake's belly.

But look at this, even as we are back to old ways Mark 16:7 says

BUT go, tell his disciples and Peter, ' He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you."

Did u catch it? READ IT AGAIN. AND PETER. His name singled out. His name not forgotten.

I nearly wept. As the whole heaven watch him fall it was as if all of heaven wanted to help him back up again.

Its not everyday we have a second chance. Our world has become so critical, precise that it has no room for errors. Its not every day you find someone who can give you a second chance, much less someone who give you a second chance everyday. In Jesus, Peter found both, so do we ....

Now we all know why, how can one be willing to be crucified upside down. Just ask Peter.


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