Thursday, July 31, 2008

Empty Seat

Many of u know, I love to go to Parkway Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Expo Coffee Bean. Even in the midst of all the hassle and brussle, its my quiet place.

Spending time with God would be telling him my struggles, listening to the Holy Spirit counsel, reading his Word knowing Him more. Soon I cultivated a habit of leaving an empty seat available. Example if theres 4 seats with mi, 3 of them be filled with items and the last seat be empty. Why? So God can sit with me today.

Sounds extremely unbelievable, weird etc. But its true and hes always there. Than what happens when a friend comes and take that seat (Which happen often), God being the gentleman he is, always offers to stand.

And doesn't that speaks alot of Him?
In times of persecution he stood with u, defending u
In the midst of struggle he stands with u, holding u
In the storms he stands with u, sheltering u
And ultimately for our sins... he stood For us. Between death and us, he stood.

Wont u leave him an empty seat today, no need for words, no need for gifts or works. But that heart earnestly to seek Him.
Hebrews 11 Anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that HE REWARDS those who earnestly seek him. And u never know, paths b straight, strongholds broken, perspectives transformed.


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