Sunday, February 10, 2008

Psyched Up

I cant believe its only a week left to Race Week. Im so psyched, excited and more importantly for a long time I'm actually afriad! (will share one day why being afriad can be an exciting thing) ^^ I gave my best in my training, preparing, balancing my life etc, and I will be at the start line knowing I'm already a Sucess.

Thankfully, been spending more time on my quiet time these days, preparing myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

"Sky your faith is not in your training, bike and self, but your faith is in Me. "
It has been shown to me countless of times, my bike breaks, my body can bereduced to nothing, everything in me can fail. But HE does not. I have a trustworthy God whom has never fail me once since I trusted Him. And this race woul not be an exception.
Some videos to let you see what Ironman is like!


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