Sunday, March 18, 2007


I decided to write down a list of thanksgivings every month whether in my blog or prayer. Does that mean only this day I thank GOD? No...everyday everytime.

Thank GOD for Singapore Biathlon I Finish well and cool, finishing and posing well LOL
Even I was unprepared with only 2 days to train, I was totally shagged from G12 and YA Camp, 2 hours sleep daily. I manage the finish tt race like a warrior and and in my team's standard, it was good.

Thank GOD for toothpaste, 3 daes squeezing out a small tube is very pathetic haha

Thank GOD for G12 Conference, "More than a experience, it was a transformation" quoted by Josh

Thank GOD for I am still fighting my battles. Tired but not falling

Thank GOD for my quiet time is still few days ahead

Thank GOD for u being with me right here and now.
Thank GOD for your promises for me to claim.
Thank GOD for your love through Christ.


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