Monday, March 05, 2007

Being a God-Fearing Spartan

Before I start, a history lesson. To me Spartans are perhaps the most inspiring soldiers and warriors you can find in history of mankind. With 300 against millions of Persians. Insurmountable odds, their valor, courage, peserverance and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.

My race is over, a sense of relief and relaxation flows in my body. But what happen before was a totally different story.

I was sick 12 hours before the day of the race coughing, struggling. But decided to push on for GOD and the team.

The Horn sounded and I rushed into the sea, being shoved, pulled, pushed, swept, smacked and hit. I do not have much of a aggressive nature so I didn't really felt on being physical with them especially half of them being ladies.
Came out of the water quite back from my wave, started feeling disappointed started of discouragement and fear. But to Hell with them in Jesus name.
Every step I took was accompanied by every thought "You cant finish even such a short race"
Finish the race strong, but felt the need to puke *yuck*

Felt more shagged than any other days
After that, Captain slightly disappointed with our team performance I was quite disappointed too.

Rushed down to choir, to praise HIM with all my might. Was pretty late
Hungry (Thanks YingChao (for your donuts)
Leg Cramp
Lost my handphone

It was really not 1 of my best days. With all these mishaps I was pretty discouraged myself. But somehow, I felt peace and was assured in my heart, that I didn't give up, kept myself strong for the Lord. Kept Fighting.

I am no Spartan, but going all out for GOD, enduring, facing fears and discouragements, never give up. Is something I pray I keep doing and grow.
Thank you Lord empowering me, strengthening me beyond what I can comprehend, I didn't stop, Didn't give in, I continue be a GOD-Fearing Spartan

P.S Just got back my handphone from the taxi driver, Honest man, Thank GOD, thank him and may GOD Bless him and his household too.


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