Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Warriors

YA KIDS CAMP is over! Be focusing now back to my school, club, and my races. Alot of meetings to attend haha and my training

Basically this is a camp that the Committee plan for the kids to more than just having fun, but impacting, impacting and nurturing them to be a Warrior of Light.

It's been a very hmm what's the word, it has been a very REAL experience as I had to take care of 12 kids and 36 boys. While to you maybe it was okay, but I felt blood rising up from my mouth every 5 mins hahaha. Its the first time I ever being firm and scolding the kids as they were very mischievous.

Honestly, this camp took a lot out of me and not only my voice haha. I had a lot of things in my mind and heart, my race this Saturday, friends, team, school but my attention constantly shifted back to the kids. kids being than "imps" touched my life deeply.
Crying on the 2nd day and wepting on the 3rd.

Thank GOD
Even for such a hectic and stressful situation, that he broke me like clay that I could cry out to him.
For my kids being such a sport, for being in my team.
Pulling us through even when my asst counsellors and myself were so sick
For the chance to serve the kids
Finally for Him still here with me while I type this blog article

Thank the Counsellors
That u guys able to persevere all the nonsense the kids have and myself lol

Thank the kids
For this experience.
I received an autograph thingy by my platoon 10 which I was touched and totally unexpected because it was unplan for. Although they were naughty and receive scoldings from me, I love them, and i did not regret taking them.
Infantry thank you for listening and supporting me by obedience. and Thank u for the thanksgivings and and autographs.

Some of my kids cried on the last day of the camp. I was glad not because they were sad, but because this camp meant something to them and myself. Thanks Guys

Platoon 10 lives on everyday in us. TIU TIU TIU TIU TIU lol
Who dares to mess with us will be Prata



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