Thursday, August 03, 2006


These are the Choir Pictures for my those frens out there whu kips complaining I nvr nt seen u all for so long haha this is a chance for u to c mi! LOL cheeiii haha jkjk anyway yap we will go out soon dun worry I wun die yet...City Walk over...Choir Over...GCYC over...everyti for GOD has been plan ned has been going smoothly, such a wonderful Lord we have always planning for our nx step. Although its very tough for me physically bcuz i gt sick again but I really wanna push myself for HIM...And the motivation is simply... HIS love and prescence...

THe Sri Lanka delgates r leaving soon had joy talking and sharing with them. Their stories really touches my heart because it is real in thier lives and they have to live a life in War within the nation but they made the choice to seek GOD and they were blessed...I went for my 1st TriElites Training today GOD opened new doors for me to be faster and grow... and when they ask...whu givs u strength? My Lord will b my answer...

Today is really tired so I wun blog alot... bt I wanna sae lastly is... our GOD is a GOD whu fights for us

Acts 5:39

But if it is from GOD, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting GOD...


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