Monday, December 10, 2007


This pic is soo cool and I feel I can relate to it. A few more days and its end of this year. Its been a year of tears, hardships, struggles but victory as well. As I spend time asking and enjoy my moments with the Holy spirit, Josh told me to give a comparison on what I thought about certain aspects of things at the start and end of this year. Its amazing how my beliefs, theology and my own heart changed and perhaps grown as the Lord guides me.

I learn that it has always been a moulding process and Me being the vase is not complete but knowing the end picture I'm a beautiful vase :D. I be leaving for the Muar Trip as well, its gonna b a great time of seeking, asking as I close this year.

I believe victory this year has not only lie in my achievements, but my heart, feelings, thoughts and my growth. It has really been a process to learn and kip learning.

I believe honouring GOD is not only in what I do and feel, but its also in my growth, thinkinf, wisdom and even in what I know about my GOD.

Beginning of the year the reason why I choose to shine whether in team, school, friends and the things I do. I thought it was for the "glory of GOD".
But than again is it really? After seeking the Lord soooo whats that word, Aggressively? Lol!

I believe I do it is bcuz I want my actions to testify my love for HIM and HIS love and greatness for me.

My answers for now are not perfect, perhaps the Holy Spirit will change on whats my term for victory honour etc next year. but for now... Let my walk with HIM be right and constantly growing in the Spirit.


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